The rise of the lemon volcanoes.

One of my former parents told me at our end of year conference that she formed a teacher crush on me at the beginning of the year. Being a former teacher herself, she appreciated the way I weave playful learning into our everyday.

I’ll share Wear Something to Yellow School Day with you. It’s a fun community-building day to start our year together.

The day’s activities include:

Sight Word Search – I post various sight words and the word yellow (enough for each kiddo to find one) around the room. Kids walk around and find the word yellow. We line each card side by side and then read them. By the time we say yellow for about the 13th time, we are laughing

Guided Writing We list out things that are yellow. Model letter sounds and remember to ask for help with letter sounds, too.

Sample yellow foods – bananas, apples, pineapple – and determine favorites. This is a fun getting-to-know you activity.
Graph the food favorites. I take the opportunity to introduce tally marks, too.

Lemon Volcanoes The kids really like activities #1-4, but they absolutely love the bubbling, oozing Lemon Volcanoes experiment. We discuss each item and their practical uses. We talk about making reasonable guesses and discuss our findings. They talk about it all year long and I love how easy it is. I think you and your kids will love it, too.

1 lemon per student
Lemon juice
1 tsp. baking soda (in a small cup for each student)
Dawn Ultra Dishwashing Liquid
Food coloring
Craft sticks (1 per student)
Tray (1 per student)


  1. Teacher slices tops and bottoms off lemons and places one lemon on each tray.
  2. Kids carefully use craft sticks to mush around the lemon insides.
  3. Kids add a few drops of food coloring on top of lemon.
  4. Teacher adds a few drops of dish soap on top of each lemon.
  5. Kids add pinches of baking soda on top of the dish soap.
  6. Kids gently stir with craft stick.
  7. Observe and share observations!
  8. Add more juice, baking soda, soap and stir to continue the bubbling and the oozing.