The Koala Who Could.

Kids can be so hard on themselves if there’s something they don’t know or something they can’t do.

In an effort to help them move from “I Can’t” to “Not Yet” to “I Can”, I do the following activities with them over five days…

Day One: We watch a funny YouTube video of a squirrel who’s going to get to that bird feeder no matter what! The message: Keep trying!

We enjoy reading The Koala Who Could (Rachel Bright/Jim Field) and discussing how scary it can be when we’re trying something new. We also talk about strategies. What do they do when it’s time to try something new? Tell us about a time you tried something new. What happened? Did you try again?

We begin a Not Yet list (Guided Writing) of things we’d like to be able to do. This activity takes a few days to complete. We re-read together and highlight letter sounds/reading rules.

Day Two: We read, laugh and discuss Hedgehugs (Steve Wilson/Lucy Tapper) and add to our Not Yet list.

Day Three: We read and relate to The Little Engine That Could (Watty Piper/Loren Long) and add to our Not Yet list.

Day Four: We read and relate to The Most Magnificent Thing (Ashley Spires) and complete our Not Yet list.

Day Five: We re-read The Koala Who Could. We promise that we’ll always try. And, at the end of our day, each child leaves with a Kevin of their own.