Q: Why did the bullfrog visit camp?

Q: Why did the bullfrog visit camp?
A: Because he was a Learning Partner.

Sorry, there’s no joke there — let’s talk about Learning Partners first, and then you’ll get your frog joke.

Learning Partners are experts in specific fields who visit classrooms and share their knowledge. Inviting experts in to the classroom is just as important as outside-of-the-classroom learning.

One such learning partner, in addition to the African Bull Frog, is Tim Cole of Austin Reptile Service. He brings his passion for reptiles and shares it with the kids.

I invite Tim and his indigenous and non-native reptiles to my summer camp class, Animal Planet, and they teach us about the ecological importance of reptiles and their benefits to us.

The great thing about Learning Partners is the number of people you already know who can share their expertise. Invite them in and let them share.

Check out Animal Planet and my other STEAM-related summer camps at www.STEAMCamp.is

And now, as promised, here’s your joke…
Q: What do frogs drink in the winter?
A: Hot croako