I Spy Summer Camp.

Do you have a favorite fictional secret agent? How many of us relate to one or a few of them? I’m fond of Secret Squirrel and the crime-solving Scooby Doo kids.

Why do we relate to them? We like to believe we can solve mysteries, too.

Kids love and need pretend play. According to Scholastic, “The process of pretending builds skills in many developmental areas.” Take a look at their article. Pretend play may seem simple, but pretend play is complex!

In my I Spy summer camp, we become secret agents after only five days of training!

Check out my I Spy summer camp information.

This message may self-destruct in 5 seconds, so I’ll be brief. In our I Spy camp, we’ll evolve our observational skills and study fingerprints, show prints, and decode secret messages.

What’s more, we’ll use spy gear in the form of metal detectors, motion detectors and magnifying glasses.

Visit www.steamcamp.is for registration information for your PreK-1st grade camper. No code cracking necessary!