We Are Superheroes Summer Camp.

Why do we like superheroes so much? There are many articles out there explaining why adults are fascinated with superheroes. But, I wanted to know why kids like superheroes so much. So, I interviewed my six-year old experts. Here’s what they had to say:
Overwhelmingly, they like superheroes because “they have superpowers”! Most impressive superpowers are: ability to fly, possessing laser eyes and saving people.

You’ll love their responses to the question, “If you had one superpower, what would it be?”
“I’d make ice”.
“I’d be super strong”.
“I would have invisibility”.
“I would be good at jumping high”.
“I’d help people”.
“I’d make bunnies”.
“I would be a horse healer”.
“I could make anything happen”.
“I would like to turn into a donut anytime I wanted”.

Knowing how much kids love superheroes, we designed a summer camp where each camper can connect with their inner superhero.

We are Superheroes.
STEAM to the rescue. We’ll explore the heroics of famous superheroes, and on a more personal level, we’ll create our own superhero identities and super powers. Our STEAM activities will include costume design, games, story adventures and superhero challenges. One piece of incredible advice: no capes.

Visit www.steamcamp.is for registration information for your PreK-1st grade camper.