What rhymes with orange juice?

It’s no surprise that America’s most popular breakfast drink, orange juice, has its own day — May 4, 2019. This teacher loves adding a bit of sunshine to my morning, and I welcome the immunity-boosting Vitamin C!

We’ll start our celebration by rhyming with color words (red, yellow, blue, orange). Today we’ll make a list that includes only real words. Doing so will have them stumped when trying to rhyme with orange! We’ll read Nothing Rhymes with Orange (Adam Rex).

We’ll conduct the Float/Sink experiment I found on Playdough to Plato. I can’t wait to hear their predictions and their reasoning behind their guesses. All year long we have discussed the concept of reasonable guesses.

After the results are in, we’ll juice oranges. They love learning how to use the juicer and love the fresh juice even more.

And, in an effort to increase their awareness of re-purposing, we’ll turn our orange peels into birdfeeders.

It’s the perfect day to spread some sunshine!