We Love Our Mothers!

If I sat down and counted the reasons why I love being an educator, I would find myself counting into the millions. There are many moments that touch my heart, and one is watching and hearing my Kinder kids greet their mothers.

Their eyes open wide and express enormous love. And, regardless of whether they call them Mom, Mama, or Mommy, there’s a tone of voice that’s specifically reserved for them. Only them.

We are so lucky to get to celebrate our mothers in a fun and unique way in my class.

My kids create beautiful tissue paper flowers for their mothers (and also sneak in some fine motor skills work). It’s amazing how many flowers they want to make once they get the hang of the folding and twisting.They also create adorable cards and framed artwork of them blowing kisses (Pinterest).

Since Mother’s Day is always on a Sunday, we celebrate the Monday after. The kids and their moms meet us at Galaxy Cafe (near our school) where we share laughs, love and of course, pancakes.

I get to hang back a bit and take in all of their expressive eyes and their sweet “for my mother only” voices.

Now, please excuse me while I go and call my mom.