Houston, we’ve got vanilla pudding.

My Kinder kids are going to be over the moon (sorry!) with this cooking experience mixed with history. Everything they love is included: measuring, mixing, ooeyness, gooeyness, deliciousness and learning about others!

We’ll celebrate National Vanilla Pudding Day (May 22) by reading I am Neil Armstrong (Brad Meltzer/Christopher Eliopoulos) and discussing two of our national heroes. We’ll also watch this Apollo 11 video from NASA:

Incredibly, I have a student this year whose great-great uncle, American hero Pete Conrad, Jr., was the third person to walk on the moon. He’ll bring in a coin from one Pete’s Gemini missions. Bringing in personal connections will make our discussion so much more powerful.

By now you’re probably wondering what the connection is between Neil Armstrong, Pete Conrad and vanilla pudding. Well, astronaut pudding, of course!

There are many ways to make Astronaut Pudding and this recipe is the one I find kids enjoy the most.

You will need:
2 Tbsp. instant pudding mix
1/4 cup milk
Ziploc baggies


  • Put 2 Tbsp. instant pudding mix in Ziploc baggie. Add 1/4 cup milk.
  • Close the baggie and carefully knead until the pudding forms.
  • Snip one of the bottom corners of the baggie with the scissors and squeeze the pudding into your mouth.
  • Enjoy!

And, while I love big, messy projects, this one is a nice break from an activity requiring a lot of items. Added bonus – clean-up is a breeze!

One of Neil Armstrong’s famous quotes is, “That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.” At 5’6”, Pete Conrad, Jr., joked about his first steps onto the moon by saying, “Whoopie! Man, that may have been a small one for Neil, but that’s a long one for me.”