Ben Eats Carrots And Unicorns Slowly Everyday.

Lucky me. Not only do my Kinder kids want to learn how to read, they also want be able to spell their high frequency words correctly.

Sure, we have a word wall. But why not introduce this equation?
Silly + Mnemonic devices = Spelling

You have probably figured out that Ben Eats Carrots And Unicorns Slowly Everyday helps spell the word ‘because’.

It’s also more fun when you utilize the names of the kids in your class.
The kids get a big kick out of it and beg me to make up additional silly sayings using their names.

In addition to thinking up mnemonic devices, we also discuss spelling rules if any apply. In the case of the word ‘like’ (Luke Is Kind Everyday), we would also discuss the CVCe rule.

I was also able to connect this spelling lesson into a great Social and Emotional Learning opportunity by reading Thelma the Unicorn (Aaron Blabey). There’s a carrot and a unicorn so it works! The kids love the story, and we discussed the importance of learning to love who you are.

It’s win/win for us all. Their wish to spell correctly comes true, we learn more about self love, and I get to enjoy all of their giggles.