Q: A Teacher And An Author Both Leave Their Homes at 6:30 pm…

Rest easy! This equation isn’t a word problem about two trains leaving a station at different times and at different speeds. And, you won’t need a pencil or paper to work this equation out.

Question: What do you get when you have 1 teacher + 1 author + pajamas + hot chocolate + bedtime stories? (Note: Answer at the end of this post!)

Each year for our annual school fundraiser, I donate two items: an after-school ice cream outing and a $50 discount on my summer camps.

This year I thought it would be fun to add another offering — Mrs. Kell’s Bedtime Story & Hot Chocolate Fun!

The description: Get your jammies on! Your Kindergarten Super will enjoy hot chocolate and a bedtime story with Mrs. Kell. She’ll read the hysterical picture book, Penguin & Tiny Shrimp Don’t Do Bedtime!. Her friend, author Cate Berry, will write a personalized message and Mrs. Kell will gift this new keepsake to our winner. The only element left undecided? Pillow fight!

During the auction, many of my Kinder parents stood near and kept a close eye on the bidding sheet. And, although my offering was for 1 child, I was happy to donate a total of 4.

Oh, how I wish I had videos of each evening visit to share with you. Driving up to each home, I was met by super-excited, pj-clad kids either jumping up and down and peeking out of windows or bursting out their front doors. At one home, I drove up and the kids were eating their dinners on the driveway while waiting for me to arrive.

Before enjoying hot chocolate and reading bedtime stories, they took me on room tours, showed me favorite toys, introduced me to their pets and shared photos and scrapbooks.

My friend, author Cate Berry, joined in the fun with one of my students who also loves to write books. I appreciate her excitement and time in doing so. She’s such fun to be with! See for yourself:

So, what do you get when you have 1 teacher + 1 author + pajamas + hot chocolate + bedtime stories?

No need to provide an answer. It’s an easy equation.