Summer Math. It adds up!

Since math is all around us, preventing summer slide is easy.

Summer slide is a real thing. When school isn’t in session over the summer months there can be a decline in academic skills and achievement.

In my previous post, I talked about reading and its importance during the summer months.

What else can you do to help your children retain what they’ve worked so hard to acquire? Work math into your summer, too.

Let’s get started!

  • Get outside. Collect sticks, rocks, leaves and use them for tally marks, estimating, and counting.
  • Get to the grocery store. They’ve got everything you need! Scales, prices, and items to count and compare. Notice the shapes of packaging. You can make up thousands of fun word problems and so can your kids.
  • Money. Set up a pretend store at home. Kids make price tags, sort and count coins, and you’re set. Let the buying, and change making, begin.
  • Shapes are everywhere. Estimate the number of square windows at the library or in your home. Then count. Hunt for circles and rectangles at the bakery. This activity is endless!
  • Measure. Whether in cooking, time, length, width, height, or weight, get the measurement tools out! Use non-traditional ways to measure, too. Example: How many Cheerios equal the length of a ruler? This involves estimation, fine motor skills, counting, and most likely, snacking.
  • Play games. Enjoy playing cards, dominoes, board games, checkers, chess.
  • Bake. This is the best and most fun way to teach fractions, both during the process and with the product. Baking cookies? You’ll most likely encounter fractions during the mixing phase. Once baked and cooled, cut into equal parts examples before devouring.
  • Read math-related books and add an activity (an idea for you is below).

You’ll need:
Ten Apples Up On Top! (Dr. Seuss/Roy McKie)
Apples (variety of colors)

Enjoy reading the book! Then enjoy these activities…..

  • Balance an apple on your head. Estimate how long it can balance and time it.
  • Go outside and apple toss. Stand fairly close together (facing each other) and toss back and forth one time each. If the apple doesn’t fall, each player takes one step back. Take turns tossing to each other again. If the apple doesn’t fall, each player takes another step back. Keep playing until the apple falls.
  • Ask: What shape is inside an apple?
  • Estimate the number of seeds inside the apple. Then cut in half (at the widest part of the apple) so you can see the shape inside (a star!). Take out the seeds and count them. Maybe you’ll want to plant the seeds!

As you can see, it’s easy to keep math fun and fresh. Now, would you please pass me half of a cookie?