Kids + Shaving Cream + Food Coloring = Science.

What one item teaches squirting, squishing, squeezing, smoothing, smearing, molding, building, processing, imagining, creating, collaborating, negotiating and problem solving?

A can of shaving cream.

Kids just can’t wait to get their hands in shaving cream and it’s a novel, inexpensive and super-fun way to encourage learning through sensory play.

What will they think they’re doing? Playing.

Yes, that’s true. But we know it’s much more than that. And there are so many ideas out there.

Here are just a few.

Play Tic-Tac-Toe
How To: Squirt shaving cream onto a plastic tray, smooth out and create your playing grid. Does your child need letter writing practice? Sneak in practice by using tricky letters like ‘b’ and ‘d’ instead of ‘x’ and ‘o’.

Practice writing names, sight words, shape making, drawing faces, tally marks, etc.

Get out the food coloring and explore colors and color mixing.

Create Marbled Paper
You Need: Shaving cream (the foam kind), tray (I repurposed a cardboard box and covered it with foil), liquid watercolor paint or slightly watered down food coloring, droppers, craft sticks, card stock, bowl.

How To: Spray a layer of shaving cream (remember, the foam kind) on your tray. Use the dropper to add drops of the liquid watercolor paint to the shaving cream. Using a craft stick, swirl the paint around. We use a zig zag motion instead of making circles. Press a piece of card stock onto your colorful shaving cream. Lift off the cardstock and scrape off the shaving cream into a bowl. Repeat and add more liquid watercolor paint as needed. Let dry.
Use this beautiful process-oriented artwork to create cards, crafts, and gifts.

Think the kids will be the only ones playing in the shaving cream? It’s just too fun to resist so let your inner kid join in the fun, too.