Chalk Draws Kids In.

I have a history with chalk.

In Mrs. Moore’s second grade class, we understood that the chalk belonged to her. We were not to touch it.

My assigned seat was in the back of the class which had another chalkboard behind me. It had chalk pieces on the ledge, right within my reach. I’ll stop my story here. You can probably guess the rest.

Chalk draws kids in. These days, it’s a novelty and my Kinder kids love using it. Since I have a whiteboard, they write and draw directly on my classroom carpet.

Need a fun way to get your kids writing? Need another way to informally assess? Ask the kids to write letters, numbers, their names, equations, shapes, etc on your carpet with chalk.

This school year I’ll “read” the wordless book Chalk (Bill Thomson) and we’ll make Crushed Chalk Paint. We’ve never made it in class before and I’m excited for us to try it.

These summer days are the perfect sidewalk chalk days. And, since sidewalk chalk is so easy to find this time of year, buy some extra and keep it on hand.

I hope Mrs. Moore would approve of my kids using chalk.

Respectfully, I believe she would. 🙂