Jump for Jelly Beans Day, July 30th.

Sure, we’ll jump! And we’ll sing and move, sort, graph, compare, pattern, count, weigh, measure, add, subtract, and plant our jelly beans. We’ll experiment, race and build with them, too. Finally, we’ll do some taste testing and we’ll create Ooey Gooey Popcorn and Jelly Bean Delight.

The jelly bean’s origin is a bit of a mystery. Since kids love mysteries, we’ll start our celebration with a discussion what is and isn’t known.

Then we’ll get up and sing and dance. I can’t wait to teach the kids the movements to “One Green Jelly Bean” that I found on YouTube. It’s a funny song about getting sick on green jelly beans. Even though this song is quite tame, we’ll settle in with some jelly bean yoga poses. I’ll see what the kids can come up with!

Our math extravaganza begins with How Many Jelly Beans? (Andrea Menotti, Yancey Labat). Then we’ll break out the jelly beans! They’ll love all of the sorting, graphing, comparing, patterning, counting, weighing, measuring, adding, and subtracting we’ll be doing together. My guess is that they’ll enjoy subtraction the best. What’s the most delicious way to show one less? By eating!

Did you notice that I said we’d plant jelly beans? Yes, we’re going to plant magical jelly beans! First we’ll read and discuss Kate and the Beanstalk (Mary Pope Osborne/Giselle Potter), and then we’ll get to planting. Want to join in the magical fun?

You Need:

  • Sandwich-sized baggies
  • Cotton balls
  • Lima beans, black beans and jelly beans.

How To (for each kiddo):

  • Moisten ten cotton balls and place in the bottom of a baggie.
  • Tuck two of each bean in between the baggie and the cotton balls.

Remember to make predictions and journal observations over the next few days. Once the lima and black beans have stable roots, we’ll plant them in dirt. We’ll move the jelly beans to the dirt, too. Once we see the plants sprouting, I’ll sneak a jelly bean tree into the soil. Kindergarten is magical, after all!

Wanna race? Divide into teams. The first player in each line places a jelly bean in their spoon and then walks as fast as they can without the jelly bean falling out of the spoon. Once they get to the turn-around point, they’ll head back and pass off the spoon with the balancing jelly bean to the second player. Play continues until one team wins.

Any sad feelings about losing the race will quickly fade when I present my building challenge. Kids will build a house (must have a roof) for their PEEPs using jelly beans and toothpicks. Building offers many learning opportunities. Kids plan, design, and problem-solve while creating supports, determining size and shape and balancing weight evenly.

Our Ooey Gooey Popcorn and Jelly Bean Delight? We’ll mix Unicorn Popcorn (Costco) with melted White Bark Coating (more STEAM!), and top the mixture with the jelly beans we used during the building challenge. Let them set.

We’ll discuss our jelly bean celebrations while we enjoy our delicious snacks.

I wonder if anyone will avoid the green ones.