See Ya Later, Alligator.

Hello! Let’s talk about goodbyes. More specifically, a Goodbye Routine.

Saying goodbye can be difficult when dropping your children off at school. To help make your parting easier, create a Goodbye Routine.

Establishing your own special way to say goodbye helps the children know what to expect and helps them to move forward with their day at school.

Before school begins, involve your child in coming up with a way to say goodbye and practice each day. Keep in mind that it should be quick, easy, and predictable. Maybe it’s a high five and a hug. Or, maybe it’s a funny little saying and a hug. I’ve seen some really great goodbyes over the years.

Try to avoid telling your children that you will miss them at morning drop-off. Doing so can cause your children to worry about YOU throughout the day. A sweet replacement would be telling your children that you’re excited to see them at the end of their school day.

I have Goodbye Routines with my Kindergarten kids, as well. I make up hand motions to go with each saying and build up a treasure of them throughout the school year.

At the end of each day, each kiddo will choose the way they’d like to tell me goodbye. It’s such a wonderful way to connect one-on-one.

You’ll love creating a goodbye routine with your child and sharing this sweet routine. It’s a moment that belongs only to the two of you.

Until next time, Toodle-loo, Kangaroo!