Introducing K Days.

There’s no denying that we (teachers, administration, students and parents) look forward to school holidays. We all need time to relax and recharge.

I also want to have school days that my students look forward to beside Pizza Friday! How do I do it?

K Days.

K Days strengthen our classmate connections through a shared, looked-forward-to celebration of time together. They are just plain fun. It’s also easy to incorporate lessons within each K Day.

Here’s my K Day schedule and a few lesson ideas…

  • September – Silly Socks Day (pairs, skip counting by 2s)
  • October – Funny Hat Day (shapes, colors)
  • November – PJ Day (writing, patterns, animals)
  • December – Wear Slippers and Bring Athletic Shoes to School Day (measurement, compare/contrast)
  • January – Funny Hair Day (tally marks, graphing)
  • February – Wear Favorite Team Shirt or Favorite Team’s Colors Day (sorting, classifying, tally marks, graphing)
  • April – Earth Day – Wear Green and/or Blue Day (writing, campus clean-up)
  • May – Wear Flip Flops and Bring Athletic Shoes to School Day (skip counting by 5s and 10s)

K Days are fun, whimsical and my Kinder kids love them. And, they help break up time between school holidays.

Now only one thing left to decide.

Avocado or donut socks.