But Do They Eat Banana Splits?

The beginning of the school year always begins by creating a sense of belonging.

With that in mind, getting to know each other and building a safe, kind community is always my top priority.

Of course, our curriculum is important — there’s no doubt about that — but the real love of learning occurs when every student feels connected and knows they belong.

To help with community building, we’re going to take advantage of National Banana Split Day — August 25.

I’ll read Piranhas Don’t Eat Bananas (Aaron Blabey) and Pete the Cat and the Bad Banana (James Dean). I’ll pair my kids up and teach them how we do “Think, Pair & Share”. The idea of creating a partnership through which they express and discuss their opinions is a great way to teach listening, foster respect, and open up to our large group of friends — compassion builds community.

We’ll compare and contrast the books and the characters. We’ll discuss friendships and how you can be friends with someone who has different likes and different opinions.

Naturally, our day won’t be complete without making and enjoying miniature banana splits. I found adorable mini bowls and mini spoons at Dollar Tree. And, yes, I’m covering curriculum items by weighing, making fractions, counting, one-to-one correspondence, patterning, sequencing, engineering, color mixing and taste testing.

Do you think my Kinder kids will realize we’re covering curriculum points? Hmmmm, maybe.

Will they internalize safe and fun community building and a sense of belonging?

You bet they will. One delicious bite at a time!