Happy Trails.

Who invented Trail Mix? Well, that seems to be up for debate, but I’ll go ahead and say Thank You to the two California surfers who are believed to be the ones who invented it in 1968.

What a great, easy and delicious way to turn tasty snacks into an afternoon full of learning. There are so many trail mix recipes at our fingertips that include so many delicious foods. I base my item choices on the allergies in my classroom.

This year we will be enjoying popcorn, pretzels, Cheerios, M&Ms, dried cranberries and Goldfish crackers. We’ll explore and note shapes, sizes, and colors. We’ll also predict and try out the quantities needed for equivalent weights.

Since we’ll be including Goldfish crackers in our trail mix, we’ll read and discuss Not Norman: A Goldfish Story (Kelly Bennett/Noah Z. Jones). I’m confident we will have a great discussion about making snap judgments in addition to the always-favorite topic — pets.

I found a really cute directed drawing activity that we’ll do, too. I love the way the kids personalities shine through in their drawings. And, they make a really cute collage for our hallway bulletin board.

Of course a lesson wouldn’t be complete without predicting and observing. We’ll wonder and see what will happen when we place a few trail mix items in water, oil, soda and vinegar. We love thinking like scientists in my classroom.

Since National Trail Mix Day (August 31) is also Eat Outside Day, we’ll head out to our picnic area to enjoy our trail mix, the fresh air and most importantly, each other’s company.