The Adventures of Bossy R.

Arrrr! International Talk Like a Pirate Day is coming up (September 19) and we’ll celebrate all things pirate then. Specifically, pirate grammar, and the Bossy R!

I’ll channel my inner-bossy R self and explain to the kids that when the letter A is positioned before the letter R, it bosses the letter A and tells it to be quiet. We’ll hunt for AR pairs that I’ve written on chart paper.

Next we’ll get up and move. We’ll mARch in place, make big and little ARm circles (opposites and shapes) and the yoga poses shARk, stAR, and stAR gazing.

My kinder kids love being sound detectives so I’ll bring our my AR bag. I’ll give clues for the following items…car, marshmallows, star, jar, arch, an Arthur book (bonus, he’s an aardvark), and a picture of one of the kiddos in my class whose name includes AR. I love when I can incorporate student names into a lesson. (Check out my post from February 5, 2019 — What’s In a Name? Rules.)

Of course I’ll have a read aloud — Life on Mars (Jon Agee). I love this book because the kids love it! They get the chance to be in on what’s going on. I always giggle with their giggles.

And, this fun story provides me with many opportunities. They are:

Practice with “Wh” questions and comprehension and critical thinking: Where are the characters? Why would the boy travel to Mars? What is the boy doing? Why doesn’t the boy see the martian? Why doesn’t the martian approach the boy?

Practice with opposites: Little/Big, Loud/Quiet, Inside/Outside, Happy/Sad.

Practice with higher tier vocabulary: adventure, discovery, gloomy, immediately, obvious, traveled, wonder. I’ll write these words on chart paper and we’ll discover which words are new, who can provide a definition, and begin to understand word meaning through context.

I couldn’t help myself this year. I ordered cute star head boppers from Oriental Trading. We’ll put those on and get our groove on to Martian Groove:

Our AR study continues with a quick T-chart graphing activity. I’ll show the kids a starfruit and ask them what shape we’ll see once I start slicing it up. Hopefully after all of our AR activities, they’ll know we’ll have stars! Each kiddo will have a sticky note and after tasting the star fruit, they’ll place it on either the I like it or the I don’t like it side of the T-chart.

Building our own martians using pool noodle slices and golf tees is the perfect activity to end our day. The kids can choose from My Name Is…nametags that I’ve created. Names will include Marcello Martian, Martina Martian, Arlie Martian, Margret Martian, Marvin Martian, Archie Martian, Carmen Martian, Arman Martian, Martin Martian, Art Martian, Darcy Martian, Margarita Martian, Arlie Martian, Martin Martian, Ari Martian and Arlo Martian.

Are we having fun?

You bet we ar.