Bubble Beasts.

Since we’re at the beginning of our school year together, we’re working on phonemic awareness and identifying each letter of the alphabet.

To work with letter B, I’ll read Bubble Beat (Maxwell Higgins/Maxie Chambliss). In this AlphaTales story, Bear loves to blow bubbles. Badger tries to spoil Bear’s fun. This opens up an important discussion on bullying and kindness. The story continues with Bear blowing a bubble beast. (Sorry for the spoiler!)

The AlphaTales series is a collection of alliterative stories by Scholastic. Each story focuses on a letter of the alphabet. At the end of each story, there is a large picture full of characters and items that begin with the book’s letter sound focus along with characters and items that begin with other letter sounds. The kids love the look-and-find part of these read alouds.

We then spend a few minutes finding classmates whose names begin with the corresponding letter and items around our classroom. This helps us learn each other’s names and reinforces where things are in our room while continuing our phonemic awareness practice.

The fun continues as we get to create our own bubble beasts. But, I won’t tell the kids what we’re going to create.

Want to create bubble beasts, too? You’ll need to cover your classroom tables. I’ll use bulletin board paper because it will absorb some of the mess. This activity gets fun-messy!

You’ll need:

  • 8 oz. clear plastic cup
  • Two tablespoons tempera paint (any color but white)
  • One tablespoon water
  • Two tablespoons dish soap (I really like Dawn)
  • Straw (Cut a little hole near the top to stop the kids from being able to suck up the paint.)
  • 5” x 7” white construction paper (to use to paint the bubbles on)


  • In the cup, add two tablespoons of paint. 
  • Add one tablespoon of water.
  • Add two tablespoons of dish soap.

At this point, I’ll show the kids one of the prepared cups. The layers stay in tact and it’s cool to see that. I’ll ask them to predict what we are making. At this point, they’ll almost certainly think we are creating something to drink.

After predictions, I’ll tell them what’s inside the cup. Then we’ll talk about what they’re going to do next. At this point, they’ll most definitely know that it’s not a drink! And you’ll want to reinforce that.

We’ll continue with the directions:

  • Using the straw, the kids mix their solution.
  • With the straw in the mixture, kids blow bubbles until the cup overflows.
  • Keep blowing bubbles!

Everyone will be amazed at how beastly the bubbles will be!

To make bubble beast prints, carefully lay the white construction paper on top of the bubbles and gently press. Let dry.

In addition to having fun, I’m hoping they will make the connection between the bubble beast in the story and their own bubble beasts. What an easy text-to-self connection activity!

And, go ahead and prepare a cup for yourself.

Bubble fun knows no age limit.