October, National Apple Month.

Thank goodness National Apple Month is a month-long celebration! We are going to be busy with so many great apple activities!

Our celebration will kick-off with reading Ten Apples on Top (Dr. Seuss/Roy McKie). We’ll give apple balancing a try, too! The fun will continue with balancing activity ideas from theinspiredtreehouse.com. And, even though we’re celebrating apples, I can’t wait for my Kinder kids to try Cranberry Crazy.

We’ll also explore our 5 senses with apple taste testing. We’ll taste red delicious, golden delicious and Granny Smith apples and graph our favorite. You can find a treasure trove of apple-inspired activities on teacherspayteachers.com.

Ready for a great sense of smell activity? This one makes me laugh every year. I’ll read about our sense of smell and we’ll discuss how it facilitates our sense of taste. Then we’ll put it to the test. Each kiddo receives two cups — one cup contains a piece of diced apple and the second cup contains a piece of diced potato. They plug their noses and eat the apple. Keeping their noses plugged, they eat the piece of potato.

Then we unplug our noses and discuss the taste of each. Did they taste the same when your noses were plugged? Yes! They do! Then we give them another piece of each and they eat them without plugging their noses. Do they taste the same now? NO!

We’ll get some practice estimating both apple circumference and weight. The kids will estimate how much yarn they’ll need to go around their apple. Then we’ll compare with yarn cut to the actual length needed. They’ll practice with our scales and estimate how many bear counters, erasers, etc. equal the weight of their apples.

Our apple celebration most definitely includes apple bobbing. I’ll hang apples from the ceiling and the kids will put their hands behind their backs and try to bite into their apple. This is a new one for us this year, and I’m excited to see how they’ll do with it. My Kinder kids are a fun and spirited bunch this year, so I’m thinking they will l-o-v-e this!

Our five senses love Friendship Applesauce, and it’s the perfect way to end our celebration of apples. We’ll start off with a discussion about friendship and how important friends are in our classroom community.

I’ll show the kids a few of the ingredients for our Friendship Applesauce. As I show one, I’ll ask them if the ingredient tastes good on its own. Then I’ll divide up the ingredients so each student will be able to put something into our crockpot (while it is off). We’ll enjoy the sweet scent of our Friendship Applesauce cooking all day long (Note: The crockpot is not within reach of the kids when it’s turned on). At the end of our day together, we’ll celebrate our friendships while enjoying our Friendship Applesauce.

Apples and friendship. There’s nothing sweeter.