Another Egg-citing Day!

I love Kevin Henkes’ books and I’m happy that I’ll be able to use his book, Egg, to help us celebrate World Egg Day (October 13).

Egg is perfect for my beginning readers. I’ve got a good collection of board books in my Kinder classroom. We typically need to have a conversation about board books — that they are not “baby books.” We go from the viewpoint that they are sturdy and let us focus on a key vocabulary. Once we have this discussion, I see more kids reach for our board books.

While his book is geared for a slightly younger audience, the focus of this lesson is to give my Kinder kids a chance to be a guest author. Talk about empowering!

I’ll stop reading when we get to the page that shows the green egg NOT hatching. My kids will have the chance to draw a picture of what they would have hatching out of the green egg and they will also write about it.

We’ll then share with each other. I can’t wait to see what they’ll come up with. Of course we’ll go back to the book and see what happened.

Our math tie-in will include using re-purposed egg cartons. I’ll write a number in each of the empty egg spaces, place two cubes inside and then close the lid. We’ll give the carton a shake and then open it up. The cubes will have landed on numbers that we’ll use to practice both equation writing and equation solving.

I found a great plastic egg sight word activity that I think you will like to. Once it’s prepped, you’ve got it for years! Who can’t love that?

Time for an egg experiment? You bet! There’s no way we can end our day without one. I found great ideas at I’m definitely planning on the classic rubber egg experiment. We’ll make sure to head outside to test the bounciness of each egg. And, we’ll test eggs in different solutions, complete with predictions and actuals.

Here’s hoping your World Egg Day is egg-cellent. (Sorry!)