Today, We Celebrate The Circle.

While National Doughnut Day is June 5, National Dessert Day is October 14.

Maybe I’m stirring up controversy with the following question for you — Is the doughnut a breakfast item or a dessert? In my mind, it’s a dessert so we’re going to go with it!

In class, we’ll start with a discussion on desserts, and I’ll model writing (I love every letter sound opportunity I get) and handwriting with our list of favorite desserts. I’m guessing the list is going to be long!

I’ll read The Hole Story of the Doughnut (Pat Miller/Vincent X. Kirsch) to my Kinder kids. I think they’ll be amazed to learn that a 14-year old invented doughnuts. And, way back In 1843.

This book is a great example of problem solving which is perfect because we talk about being problem solvers every single day.

I’ll use this day as the perfect introduction to syllables. I found a cute, editable doughnut-themed syllable activity to use. Each kiddo will get a print-out of their name, and together we’ll determine how many syllables are in all of our names. It also doubles as a graphing opportunity.

By now, you can probably guess that I’ll be bringing in doughnuts! And, my friends at Krispy Kreme were happy to give me enough doughnut-maker hats for all of us,.

Thank you, Hanson Gregory, for such an amazing invention, whether you would consider it a breakfast item or a dessert.

Next question — Is it doughnut or donut?