A Book a Day.

YEEEESSSSS! It’s National Book Month! And, I’m happy we have a month devoted to books. But, if I had my way, every month would be National Book Month!

This year we’ll celebrate by having each kiddo bring in their favorite picture book. They’ll stand in front of the group and tell us why the book is their favorite.

I get my Kinder kids up in front of each other as much as possible. They have many, many opportunities to practice speaking, singing and performing. By the end of our school year, I have a class full of confident public speakers, singers and performers!

Each day I’ll test their memories by asking them to recall which book belongs to which classmate and comprehension questions. We are working hard on our listening skills and on recall.

And, along the way, we’ll keep track of our text-to-self, text-to-text and text-to-world connections.

It’s too hard for me to choose my favorite picture book. That’s impossible. But, I’ll bring in Marigold Bakes a Cake (Mike Malbrough) on the last day of our celebration so we can decorate mini cakes from our neighborhood bakery.

Books. Not just in October. Cake. Not just for birthdays.