International Incredible Cuteness Day.

It makes sense for my class to be studying bats. It’s that time of year. AND, we happen to live in Austin. Not only are we the Live Music Capital of the world, we are also home to the world’s largest urban bat colony.

So, yes, we’ll learn about and celebrate bats, and we’ll also make time to celebrate International Sloth Day (October 20).

We’ll start out by creating our KWL { K(Know), W(Want to learn), L(Learned) } chart about sloths. I’m always amazed at how many facts my Kinder kids already know about animals. Best bonus: It’s a great way for them to share what they know with one another.

I’ll read Swing, Sloth! (National Geographic) and I’ll share some interesting facts I found at Travel+Leisure. Then we’ll watch two videos I found on YouTube — one with sloth facts and one showing how a sloth swims. Get ready for cuteness overload!

What will we do with our newly acquired sloth facts? Fill in our KWL chart!

Then it will be time for the kids to do some sloth drawing. I found this awesome guided drawing activity (PDF), and I think the kids will love it. Guided drawing allows my Kinder kids to feel successful. There are times they’ll begin to get upset about a drawing because their mental image doesn’t match their product. Guided drawing is the answer to that frustration, and It’s fun to see their personalities shine through in their drawings.

Since we are always working on letter sounds, we’ll make a list of sl- words. First, we’ll take guesses on how many words we can come up with. Learning to estimate, for a five year old, can be challenging. If the estimates are high, I’m always up for acting out words to help them out and they love playing guessing games.

Our sloth celebration continues with a read-aloud and a treat. Not only will we enjoy “Slowly, Slowly, Slowly.” said the Sloth (Eric Carle), we’ll also enjoy Eric Carle’s amazing collage technique. Our treat? Trolli Sour Brite SLOTHS, of course!

Since my Kinder kids are into telling jokes right now, our sloth celebration will end with some giggles.

Q: What do sloths throw in winter?
A: Slowballs.