Feels Like…Buzzard Brains!

Halloween is the perfect time to explore our sense of touch and continue our study the sounds of oo (as in boo and in book) with our Spooky Halloween Lab.

First we’ll start off discussing our sense of touch. We’ll create a list of words that describe how different items can feel. Then I’ll pass around a bag with an item in it. The kids will slip one hand in the bag to feel the item and to use words to describe how it feels. I’ll take guesses on what’s inside once the bag has gone around the circle. We’ll repeat with the 5 additional bags.

I use items that they’ve likely felt before — cotton balls (soft), sandpaper (scratchy), a ball of playdough (smooth), a rock (hard), bulletin board border (bumpy), shells (rough). Playing this game prepares them for our upcoming Spooky Halloween Lab!

The set up for the Spooky Halloween Lab is easy. The kids have fun with this, but I probably have more fun!

Here’s what I use:

  • 5 clay pots (I painted the names of the 5 items on each so I can reuse them every year)
  • 5 dark-color trash bag circles (cut to fit over the top of each clay pot and secured with a rubber band; cut a slit in the top of each one so one kid hand can fit in at a time)
  • Elf Ears – dried apricots (I attach one of my earrings onto one of the apricots!)
  • Buzzard Brains – cooked, cold spaghetti
  • Witches Eyeballs – take off the skins of red grapes and toss with olive oil
  • Wizard Fingers – cocktail wieners
  • Lizard Bones – dried angel hair pasta broken into smaller segments

I’ll prepare everything, place it all in my big cauldron from Party City and ask my front office friends to deliver it to our classroom. I’ll attach a letter from Ms. Witchy Witchy. (I vary the letter from year to year based on the overall personailty of my Kinder class.)

Each clay pot will be taken out of the cauldron and I’ll tell them the name (example: Elf Ears). Then I’ll invite the kids to place a hand in the pot and feel the items inside. We’ll discuss how the items feel.

Try NOT to laugh out loud when you do this activity! It’s next to impossible. The kids say the funniest things — especially when someone feels the “ear” with the earring.

After we’ve had a chance to touch everything and discuss our describing words, I’ll show them what’s really inside each of the clay pots.

I’ll re-assemble everything and we’ll invite our Head of School in to feel all of the items. She’s always game for our Kindergarten shenanigans, and the kids will get a kick out of being in on the joke.

Spooky Halloween Lab. We’re putting the eeewwwww in spooky!