The Science of Halloween.

Aren’t we all looking for fun, meaningful STEAM ideas? I found this great one on Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT) two years ago, and it’s a class favorite every year.

Head over to TPT and get yourself a copy of Witches Brew STEM Challenge (Meredith Anderson). It’s FREE!

Meredith has listed out all of the directions and the materials you’ll need. You’ll most likely have all of them on hand. She even included cute graphics for each of the brew items. Vampire toenails or troll saliva, anyone?

I’ve made a quick trip to Old World Market and purchased lab-ish looking bottles. It makes the experience that much more creepy!

Not one to miss any opportunity to rhyme, we’ll make lists of -it and -ew words. It will also give me the chance to introduce the sound of ch. We’ll make a list of ch words, too.

Then I’ll read Room on a Broom (Julia Donaldson/Axel Scheffler) and each kiddo will complete a page for our class book. I’ll have an illustration of a broom and each kiddo will draw a picture of themself and an animal on the broom.

Since we’ve been discussing sentences and punctuation marks, they’ll write a sentence about their illustration and hopefully remember to include the period.

Witches Brew! Are you ready to stir up some Halloween fun?