On Your Mark, Get Set…

There are many reasons to love living in Austin. Today I’ll highlight Circuit of the Americas (CoTA). CoTA is the proud home to the Fomula One United States Grand Prix, as well as many other races, concerts and events. This year’s F1 Grand Prix is November 1-3.

While I’m more of a baseball fan (Go, Astros!), I appreciate the teaching opportunities F1 presents to me.

I’ll start off our F1 celebration by reading Race Car is Roaring (Mandy Archer/Martha Lightfoot). We’ve been finding AR words for the past few weeks, so it’s perfect that we can discover 3 rule followers (car, Archer, Martha) and 1 rule breaker (roaring) on the cover alone.

We’ll get some good sight word practice in with: on, your, get, go, black, white, yellow, red. And we’ll do some rhyming with set.

I’ve created race tracks on posterboards to resemble the shape of Austin’s F1 track and we get out our Hot Wheels cars. Please don’t tell my Kinder kids that they’re getting handwriting practice by racing!

I’ve also created a few parking garages on additional posterboards. I’ve numbered each parking space with the numbers we are studying. I’ll call out a number for them to park in. They love this and don’t know I’m using it as a way to assess. Oh, the gifts of play!

I’ll read Number One Sam (Greg Pizzoli) and we’ll discuss Sam’s successes and challenges. We can all relate to how each of the characters is feeling. We’ll share our experiences with winning and losing and share strategies on how to accept defeat.

We’ll get some patterning in, too, by decorating our classroom with an AB pattern of black and white paper chains. Then it’s race time at school.

To get us excited for our races, we’ll watch video footage of a previous F1 race. Then we’ll head out to our hallway and let the races begin. I found cute pullback car racers on orientaltrading.com. We’ll also get the chance to get out the yardsticks and do some measuring!

Before we head home for the weekend, I’ll give each kiddo the name of a racer. On the following Monday, we’ll work on our ordinal numbers by recalling whose driver came in first, second, etc.

Maybe they call it F1 at the racetrack.
But in my classroom, we’ll call it Fun1.