Pop the Vote.

Election Day is right around the corner, and it’s such fun to introduce voting to my Kinder kids.

We’ll take a few days to read and learn about voting. I’ll start by reading One Vote, Two Votes, I Vote, You Vote (Bonnie Worth/Joe Mathieu & Aristides Ruiz). This reader introduces early readers to how we vote, why we vote and who we vote for.

My kids love Doreen Cronin’s books, so we’ll also read and discuss the award-winning Duck for President (Doreen Cronin/Betsy Lewin). My kids love duck’s antics. I’ll probably read this book two days in a row since there is much to discuss!

We’ll discuss the American flag and its symbolism. We’ll decorate our classroom in red, white and blue by creating paper chains (ABC pattern). My kids love creating paper chains and they’ve become incredibly efficient in making them. Mostly, they love being trusted with the staplers.

Next, is our turn at a real election. I’ll bring in three flavors of popcorn and the kids will get a chance to taste each. I’ll ask each one to tell us which one is their favorite and why it is. After we’ve gone around the circle, I’ll ask if anyone changed their mind based on the comments of another friend.

Of course we’ll discuss the importance of voting based on your own preference, and the emotions of winning and losing an election. We have a very supportive classroom community, but they are still five and six years old!

Then we’ll head to the polling station. I’ve got my ballots and ballot box ready! The kiddos circle a picture of their favorite flavor and drop it in the ballot box. After all votes are cast, we’ll record a tally mark for each vote.

We’ll celebrate our election process with more popcorn!

Cast your vote: Caramel Corn, Sea Salt or White Cheddar?