We Are Thankful.

A few weeks ago, a handful of my Kinder kids were asking about my favorites — my favorite color, my favorite animal, my favorite candy and my favorite holiday.

Answering with magenta, tiger, and M&Ms was easy. My favorite holiday? Not so easy to answer. I replied with three — my wedding anniversary, my sons’ birthdays and Thanksgiving. They rejected the idea of anniversarys and birthdays as holidays. Through their five-year old eyes, those are “special days,” not holidays. (We’ll re-visit these thoughts when we celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr’s birthday!)

The group decided my favorite holiday is Thanksgiving and when I told them that I celebrate Thanksgiving everyday, they wondered how I could eat that much turkey and pie!

We had the best discussion about daily thankfulness and how simple and easy it is to be thankful every single day and not just during a season or one specific day. Then one of my kids said, “It sounds like gratitude. Is it?” WOW! What a powerful connective moment. We’ve been discussing and practicing gratitude together all year.

Later that day, we read and discussed The Thankful Book (Todd Parr). This colorful picture book celebrates what children can be thankful for. And, it can also serve as a wonderful reminder for all of us to remember a few of life’s special moments.

As part of our whole group discussion about being thankful, we created a word bank of who/what we are thankful for. Then the kids created the Thanksgiving turkey centerpieces you see in the photo. Aren’t they cute? And, check out that handwriting — well done, Kinder kids!

And, family and friends, please know this…maybe I don’t see you everyday or see you very often, but I am thankful for you.

Every single day.