Awareness + Compassion = Project Blanket.

As you might imagine, you can’t predict what Kindergarteners will say. I’m prepared for just about anything when I hear, “You know what, Mrs. Kell?

One of my Kinder kids started off with that intro two weeks ago when we had a late school start due to weather. This student noticed someone standing in an intersection on that particular cold, cold day, and she said it made her feel sad. When I asked her why she felt sad, she said the person looked cold because they didn’t have a coat.

Yesterday, while we were discussing something else, our conversation veered to cold weather. We then found ourselves having an incredible organic conversation about coats and cold weather.

As a result, and after only 7 minutes, my Kinder kids identified a problem and sprang to action by deciding to hold a gently-used blanket drive to help those who will face the cold in these next few months.

When I asked how I could help, they asked me to let their parents know. They also think I should donate some of my extra blankets! I love how these five-year olds can identify a problem, think of ways to help and begin to think about logistics.

I’m amazed at their transformation. We only started school 3 1/2 months ago! Since mid-August, we’ve discussed problem identification, problem solving and using our bold voices. And, yesterday they also decided to use their bold voices and collaborate on a letter to our mayor. Here is it….

Dear Mayor Adler,
We are writing to you for help with people who are homeless and don’t have blankets. It makes us feel sad to see cold and homeless people. We are helping by learning about them and collecting blankets. Please help others.
Mrs. Kell’s Kindergarten Class

After their final edits, I read their letter back to them.

And they clapped!

Why? Because they were happy to make a difference — with their awareness, compassion and love — in perfect balance with their voices and their action.