Project Blanket: A Warm Update.

What a difference 7 minutes and 4 days make!

On Monday, December 2, my Kinder kids decided, in only 7 minutes, to take action against inequity by writing a collaborative letter to our mayor and collecting blankets for those who are cold and homeless.

By Friday, December 6, our class had brought in 24 blankets.

Throughout the week, friends asked me about Project Blanket. As a result of being inspired by my five and six year olds, many closets in Austin are being checked this weekend.

I’m going to deliver half of the blankets tomorrow morning — the forecast suggests a temperature of 47° — and we’ll be extending our Project Blanket collection through this coming Friday.

If you are inspired to spread some warmth too, please bring in your gently-used blankets to my classroom. Or touch base with me and we’ll figure something out.

Project Blanket. It’s an honor to share the warmth and compassion of these young hearts.