Story & Ornament Making with PreK.

You’d probably like a final update on Project Blanket, and I’m happy to tell you that I don’t have one! Why? Because I was hearing from friends and classroom parents over the weekend who were wanting to contribute, too, and they are needing a little more time to look in their closets.

My friends at school are not only bringing in blankets, they are also wanting to talk with my kids. They want to tell them how inspirational they are. And, it’s true, these five and six year olds are inspirational.

While I can count the total number of blankets collected, I can’t quantify the impact we’re having on each other so far. But, I can tell you this — the reach of Project Blanket –has touched more hearts than any of us could have imagined.

As a result, we’re extending our blanket collecting through the week. Then I’ll pack up my husband’s car (we’ve already collected too many to fit in mine), and I’ll get a final update to you on Saturday.

Until then, I’d love to share with you something I do every year at this magical time. And, I love it! We invite our four Pre-K classes in for holiday stories and ornament making on four different days.

Since I love to read to the kids, I start with a story. This year I’m reading stories that make them giggle. There’s just nothing better than hearing them laugh.

After some good chuckles, we’ll decorate holiday ornaments. The greatest thing about these ornaments — they aren’t fancy. I found craft stick ornament ideas on Pinterest (reindeer, picture frame, snowflake, tree) and the kids decorate them using markers, glue, pom poms and sequins.

I must admit, the educator in me is checking posture, pencil grip, and listening and social skills. But Colleen is soaking in every minute of all of the smiles and laughs, the conversations and connections and the magical memories.

These gifts, all 72 of them, just keep on giving.