22 Kids, 12 Days, 47 Blankets.

It’s only been 12 days since my Kinder kids initiated Project Blanket. As you might recall from my December 3rd post, they identified a problem and sprang in to action. Thus, Project Blanket began.

What was initially going to take place over 4-days turned in to something much larger. And, by larger, I’m not talking about quantity. I’m talking about inspiration and love.

These kids — remember — are five and six year olds. They’ve inspired adults with their show of awareness, depth of compassion, and call to advocacy and action.

Before I get to today’s update, I’d just like to take a minute to reflect. Here we are, at the beginnng of December. We’ve only been a class community for just a few short months. But, what a few short months! I’ve definitely seen great growth in all academic areas, but the growth in their compassion for others is off the charts.

Mine is a safe and loving community that teaches awareness of self and others. And, if we see an injustice we are going to do stand up and speak up. We will be upstanders.

We’ll let these numbers speak for themselves –
Warm Blankets = 47
Fleece Scarves = 40
Letter to Austin Mayor Steve Adler = 1 (so far!)
Hearts touched = countless