Write On.

If you know me, you know that I believe in the importance of teaching handwriting (and spelling — a future post). And, the importance of teaching handwriting beginning in preschool. Both modeling handwriting and handwriting instruction provide enormous academic opportunities.

My Kinder kids like learning how to form their letters. It’s fun in my classroom, and it only takes a small amount of time on instruction days. They’ll be happy to learn that there’s a special day devoted to celebrating handwriting and that we will indeed celebrate.

National Handwriting Day is January 23rd!

I found two great articles on Psychology Today — The Importance of Handwriting Instruction and 5 Brain-Based Reasons to Teach Handwriting in School (J. Richard Gentry Ph.D.). No matter your profession or interests, you should read these articles!

My top take-aways from each article:

  • “Handwriting is crucial because recent brain scan studies have shown that early handwriting skill helps kids learn to read. Keyboarding doesn’t have this effect.”
  • “Handwriting helps support children’s literacy and academic development.”

There’s no disputing the points they present in both articles. I see a direct link in my Kinder kids each and every year. And, in working one-on-one with middle and upper school students, I find it powerful that they recognize and validate one of the points addressed in 5 Brain-Based Reasons to Teach Handwriting in School — “…that typing on a laptop was much less effective for remembering and synthesizing information.”

In class, will celebrate National Handwriting Day together with Alphabet Yoga (asking the kids to form letters through inventive yoga poses) and these cute, yummy Alphabet Cookies from Dollar Tree. Try them, you’ll like them!

In our time of technology, we need to remember the value of handwriting.

Hands down, paper and pencil beats laptop and tablet.