Dear Ruby Bridges.

During an upcoming centers rotation, I’ll be working with small groups on letter writing. My Kinder kids have already written a group letter to the Mayor of Austin asking for action, and individual letters to Judge Sonia Sotomayor asking for advice.

This time they’ll be writing individual letters to Ruby Bridges.

Before letter writing, we’ll read and discuss Ruby Bridges Goes To School – My True Story (Ruby Bridges).

In this autobiography, she details her personal experiences of being the first African American student — as a first grader — to walk into a newly desegregated school. The text is easy to understand and the use of actual pictures will allow my Kinder kids a chance to connect with her.

I’m not going to guide their letter content as I’m curious to hear what they would like to say to her and what they would like to ask her. I’ll share their thoughts in a future post.

Until then, I’ll honor her by continuing to reinforce the importance of bravery and kindness.