The Power of Words.

World Read Aloud Day is Wed, Feb 5, 2020 so guess what we’re going to do in our Kindergarten class to celebrate?

Yes, you guessed it — we’re going to read aloud! And, I’ll invite my kids to bring in their own “Green Huggins” (Now you know the name of my pillow!). For a Kindergartener, this is almost as exciting as enjoying an unexpected Popsicle or wearing their comfy PJs to school.

I’ll read a few favorite books throughout the day…

Bee-Wigged (Cece Bell)
Duck! Rabbit! (Amy Krouse Rosenthal/Tom Lichtenheld)
Extra Yarn (Mac Barnett/Jon Klassen)
The Gruffalo (Julia Donaldson/Axel Scheffler)

The kids will also read aloud during the day — all at the same time. They have free-choice, independent reading every day and some read aloud, but today they will all read aloud at the same time. It will be pillow-behind-the-head, giggly fun, I’m sure!

In addition to reading, we’ll also commemorate World Read Aloud by making our own cute bookmarks. Check out all of these great ideas. We’re going to make the not-so-scary monster bookmarks. All we need is paper, googly eyes and pipe cleaners? We’re in!

But, I do need to make a quick trip to Michael’s for Wiglet-making supplies. Did you notice I said “quick trip”? I know, not possible. There’s just so much to look out and so many ideas!

Our day wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t create our own Wiglets!

Wiglets – inspired by Bee-Wigged:

  • brown faux fur
  • thin elastic (so Wiglet will stay on their heads)
  • black, brown, pink and white felt
  • hot glue gun, gluesticks


  • Prep – Cut the faux fur in oval pieces (large enough to sit on top of each kiddo’s head).
  • Prep – Cut elastic long enough to go from one side of Wiglet to the other and long enough to go under their chins. The kids will wear their Wiglets on their heads and the under-the-chin elastic will help them stay on.
  • Prep – Make 1 small hole on opposite sides of the fur (for a total of 2 holes for the elastic to go through).
  • Prep – Cut felt pieces to make ears, noses, eyes, and teeth.

Kids place the felt pieces on top of the fur.
Adult, affix pieces with the hot glue gun and attach elastic.

Books, bookmarks, pillows and Wiglets.
Sounds perfect!