Happy Birthday, Rosa Parks.

I hope you’ve had a chance to read the Little People, BIG DREAMS series. And, a chance to marvel at the beautiful artistry in the illustrations. The illustrations alone have been described as “stylish and quirky.”

You’ll discover the lives of those who’ve achieved great things. Series creator, Isabel Sánchez Vegara, described Little People, BIG DREAMS as a “celebration of uniqueness.”

The series includes: Muhammad Ali, Maya Angelou, Josephine Baker, David Bowie, Coco Chanel, Amelia Earhart, Ella Fitzgerald Jane Goodall, Agatha Christie, Marie Curie, Zaha Hadid, Stephen Hawking, Audrey Hepburn, Frida Kahlo, Bruce Lee, Ada Lovelace, Maria Montessori, Georgia O’Keefe, Emmeline Pankhurst, Dolly Parton, Wilma Rudolph, Mother Teresa, Vivienne Westwood and Rosa Parks.

Rosa Parks was taught to respect herself and to expect others to respect her as well. We know her decision to stand up for her rights had a huge impact on civil rights and led to the end of segregation on public transportation.

Today we’ll celebrate her and her 107th birthday by reading and discussing Rosa Parks (Little People, BIG DREAMS) by Lisbeth Kaiser/Marta Antelo.

And, in our contiuing effort to discover the postive and powerful character traits that connect us, we’ll extend our discussion by going around our circle and completing, “I’m like Rosa Parks when I…”

Respect connects us.