Alexander Xiong, 11-Year Old Inventor.

I was at a friend’s house the other day and watched her children play Door Pong. While it’s marketed toward the younger set, this paddle ball game is fun for any age.

Door Pong is a game similar to Ping Pong. But, the ball is attached to a string that is hung from a bar. You simply clamp it to any doorway.

In addition to being a game that’s easy to set-up….

  • Players don’t have to chase the ball around!
  • Players’ hand-eye coordination can be helped.
  • Players’ confidence can be increased.
  • Did I mention that players don’t have to chase the ball around?! How huge is that?

I love that this game was invented by an 11-year old Alexander Xiong, and his story behind his invention.

According to a Kid Spotlight on, Alexander invented Door Pong for his older sister, Pahnuly. Pahnuly has autism, and was struggling with some physical activities. Since hitting a ball could be challenging, playing Ping Pong with her family was difficult. Alexander had an idea and created a fun and amazing game that would include his sister.

Alexander and Door Pong are great additions to my Inventors and Inventions unit this year, and my Door Pong is on its way. I’m excited to share Alexander’s story with my Kinder kids and they’ll have a great time playing the game. Including examples of kid-created inventions are powerful for my five and six year olds. These stories inspire, motivate and empower my kids.

As Alexander says, “I feel good about what I created because it puts a smile on people’s faces.”

More smiles ahead in Kindergarten!