I Spy!

In our Spy Camp, we’ll evolve our observational skills and study fingerprints, shoe prints, and decode secret messages. We’ll use spy gear in the form of metal and motion detectors and magnifying glasses. What’s more, we’ll use our spy skills in craft-making.

Here’s the schedule for all of our Steam Camp Kids summer camps — each of which will be taught at St. Andrew’s Episcopal School in central Austin (Links: Map / Registration).

June 1-5
9 am – 12 pm Ooey Gooey Science
1 pm – 4 pm I Spy!

June 8-12
9 am – 12 pm We are Superheroes
1 pm – 4 pm Crazy Concoctions

June 15-19
9 am – 12 pm Kitchen Kids
1 pm – 4 pm Magic Tree House Adventures #1 – Dinosaurs Before Dark

June 22-26
9am – 12 pm Food Lab
1 pm – 4 pm Magic Tree House Adventures #2 – Knights at Dawn

June 29-July 3
9am – 12 pm How Sweet It Is!
1 pm – 4 pm Bees, Bugs & Butterflies

July 6-10
9am – 12 pm Camp Olympics 2020
1 pm – 4 pm Ooey Gooey Kitchen

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Looking to do a little more spywork? There’s always the kid-favorite guessing game, I Spy. I was surprised to find that this game even has its own Wikipedia page.

There are many reasons why “I Spy” is a great game. It can be played anywhere and you don’t need any special equipment. It’s a great venue for kids to notice, describe, communicate, and use logic.

Ready to play? I spy with my little eye something red, yellow and green.