Spotlight: Kitchen Kids.

Ah, the joy of cooking. With STEAM. In our Kitchen Kids camp, we’ll explore the current nutrition guide, MyPlate, and create and decorate everything from breakfast foods and snacks to smoothies and cookies. We’ll also study kitchen tools and kitchen safety. Of course, the camp includes a recipe book, chef hats and aprons, and any leftovers.

Here’s the schedule for all of our Steam Camp Kids summer camps — each of which will be taught at St. Andrew’s Episcopal School in central Austin (Links: Map / Registration).

June 1-5
9 am – 12 pm Ooey Gooey Science
1 pm – 4 pm I Spy!

June 8-12
9 am – 12 pm We are Superheroes
1 pm – 4 pm Crazy Concoctions

June 15-19
9 am – 12 pm Kitchen Kids
1 pm – 4 pm Magic Tree House Adventures #1 – Dinosaurs Before Dark

June 22-26
9am – 12 pm Food Lab
1 pm – 4 pm Magic Tree House Adventures #2 – Knights at Dawn

June 29-July 3
9am – 12 pm How Sweet It Is!
1 pm – 4 pm Bees, Bugs & Butterflies

July 6-10
9am – 12 pm Camp Olympics 2020
1 pm – 4 pm Ooey Gooey Kitchen


I found a great recipe — No Bake Apple Donuts!

I repeat, No Bake. Apple. Donuts. They sound delicious, don’t they? Your kids will love making these. (Here’s a link to the recipe.)

You can teach your child how to use an apple corer and discuss why apples turn brown once they’ve been cut. Conduct an easy experiment by using the water and lemon juice on some of the apple slices and leaving out the water and lemon juice step on some of the other slices.

You’ll have a great time creating these donuts!

For added giggles and smiles, here’s a joke to share…

Q: Why couldn’t the teddy bears eat their donuts?

A: Because they were stuffed.