Spotlight: Knights At Dawn.

In this camp, we’ll read Magic Tree House #2 — The Knight at Dawn — and your time-traveling children will study knights, castles and the enchanted forest with Magic Tree House characters, Jack and Annie. We’ll make our own time-travel inspired crafts: tiny tree houses, castles and marshmallow catapults.

Here’s the schedule for all of our Steam Camp Kids summer camps — each of which will be taught at St. Andrew’s Episcopal School in central Austin (Links: Map / Registration).

June 1-5
9 am – 12 pm Ooey Gooey Science
1 pm – 4 pm I Spy!

June 8-12
9 am – 12 pm We are Superheroes
1 pm – 4 pm Crazy Concoctions

June 15-19
9 am – 12 pm Kitchen Kids
1 pm – 4 pm Magic Tree House Adventures #1 – Dinosaurs Before Dark

June 22-26
9am – 12 pm Food Lab
1 pm – 4 pm Magic Tree House Adventures #2 – Knights at Dawn

June 29-July 3
9am – 12 pm How Sweet It Is!
1 pm – 4 pm Bees, Bugs & Butterflies

July 6-10
9am – 12 pm Camp Olympics 2020
1 pm – 4 pm Ooey Gooey Kitchen


Want a fun and easy read about castles? Pick up a copy of Fly Guy Presents Castles (Tedd Arnold). First, kids love Fly Guy so you have them at the start! And, once you’ve finished, your kiddos can create their own castles.

You probably have everything on hand. They need: paper, paper shapes (rectangles and triangles), glue/glue stick, and a marker or crayon. Extend the fun by having them label the parts of their castle.

Want to experience dining like those who lived in castles? You’ll need a trencher — a plate made of wood or pottery. Don’t have one? That’s ok. Sometimes they didn’t either. Just use a piece of stale bread as a plate and serve food on top of it.

Typical desserts included fruit tarts and custards that we usually sweetened with honey. Foods were eaten with spoons and knives — no forks.

Get ready for a fun, and possibly heated, conversation I call Spoons Versus Forks. What do you use to eat spaghetti, peas, mashed potatoes, rice, pie, chili, and watermelon with, a spoon or a fork?

Get ready for some passionate responses! The most debated? Ice cream cake.

What say ye?